Battlerite Royale artwork of Freya jumping into the fray

Battlerite Royale, as you would expect from the name alone, takes Battlerite's skillshot-based gameplay away from the relatively cramped arenas and into the wide-open world littered with items to loot, abilities to upgrade, and naturally, other players to beat up. It's a fairly simple concept, but also quite an enjoyable one given that it features Battlerite's excellent combat system as its very core.

If you would like to give Battlerite Royale a try for yourself and see what exactly it's all about, you might be interested to hear that it's currently having a free weekend. So if you're curious, simply head on over to Steam and you'll be able to play for free until 8pm UTC on November 4th.

As for whether it's actually worth your time, I would say the answer is a tentative yes. Much like its predecessor, Battlerite Royale is a blast to play given that everything is a skillshot and even the most dire of situations can be turned around with clever plays. The only real problem comes from the whole Battle Royale aspect as the loot you acquire early on in the match will heavily dictate how far you can actually go. So if you can get over that rather annoying flaw, you should be able to have a pretty good time with Battlerite Royale.

Finally, allow me to leave you with the most recent launch trailer. It's not exactly a lengthy video, but it should give you a solid idea of what Battlerite Royale looks and plays like. Enjoy!