Battlerite official artwork

Battlerite, the spiritual successor to Bloodline Champions and a damn solid PvP orientated moba/brawler hybrid, will be completely free to try out from December 1 - 4. It currently resides in Steam's Early Access program, but don't let that discourage you from giving it a try, because while the menus might be placeholders the gameplay itself is remarkably well polished!

And if you're interested in seeing what this "remarkably well polished" gameplay might look like, here's the recently posted "Champions Rising" trailer. Have a look:

If you're looking for an in-depth look at Battlerite you can check out the review I've done a month ago, but long story short, it is awesome! The combat is fast paced and enjoyable, the characters are complex and rewarding to master, and best of all, there are no random spells and effects so you will always be able to prepare for what's coming.

So if you're into these sort of games I fully recommend you give Battlerite a look, its pretty fun and its going to be completely free, so why not? You can find it by heading over to Steam. Have fun!