Battlefleet Gothic: Armada has released two trailers showcasing the Chaos & Imperial factions

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada is an RTS adaptation of the now unfortunately discontinued Games Workshop tabletop game of the same name. It features four distinct factions (Imperium, Chaos, Eldar and Orks) each with their own unique fleets and playstyles as well as plenty of ships and abilities to wage war with, Warhammer 40k style.

With the March release date slowly approaching the developers have finally started putting out trailers showcasing the abilities, maneuvers and the fancy ships each race can employ in the battle for the Gothic sector. As of right now there are only trailers for the Chaos and Imperium factions but they are well worth checking out if you're a Warhammer fan, or plan to become one:



As someone whose quite heavily in to Warhammer 40k and strategy games in general Battlefleet Gothic: Armada seems to be the ideal game, showcasing both the "grimdark" visuals and atmosphere the universe is famous for as well as the various faction-based fleets that are so very rarely shown in other Warhammer 40k games.

But despite my enthusiasm and genuine hope that Battlefleet Gothic ends up being good I still recommend you do not preorder, despite the bonuses being somewhat tempting. The reason for this is that Tindalos Interactive, the developers behind the game, have made a couple of RTS games before that were met with either mixed or negative reviews in no small part due to bugs, glitches and other issues.

With a much bigger budget and real license behind them I can see Battlefleet Gothic: Armada being a much more polished game than their previous titles but just to be on the safe side I'd recommend waiting for reviews before you spend any of your hard earned money. Review embargoes tend to lifted before a game officially launches anyway so you'll have plenty of time to preorder, but this time with a better perspective on things.

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada is releasing this March though no actual date has been given as of yet. Once one appears from the warp I'll make sure to update you.