Imperial ships engaging Chaos forces in Battlefleet Gothic: Armada, a new space strategy game based on the warhammer 40k universe

It certainly wasn't easy being a Warhammer 40k fan the past few years, with the tabletop game being far beyond my budget and almost every PC game being of lackluster quality after THQ's bankruptcy. Thankfully it seems at least the second part is changing as there have already been some good Warhammer games in 2015 and there are even more coming in 2016.

And now I can add Battlefleet Gothic: Armada to the list of games I'm excited about because the ships presented in the trailer (embedded below) are perfect representations of the grand cathedral-ships of the Imperium. Here's the trailer and a short overview of what you can expect with Battlefleet Gothic.


Out of all of the stuff in the trailer its the weight/size classes that intrigue me the most. I just love the idea that its a valid strategy to initiate a warp jump in order to RAM the enemy space ship and to see it break in half as your bow just pierces it. Some great attention to detail right there.

As for the factions, there are four planned ones, the Imperium, the Traitor Legions, the Orcs and the Eldar and out of all of those it is the Chaos forces that have the most interesting "ships". For example, rather than engage in standard ship to ship warfare the Chaos God Tzeentch brings forth various beasts and demons from the warp with which to assault the Imperium with, or Nurgle's fleet which focus on spreading contagion to enemy ships rather than outright destroying them so instead of just losing a ship you might have its crew transformed and turned against you.

I wonder how much of that is going to be present in the final game because to me, the strangeness of the WH40k universe is by far the most compelling aspect of it. If they can pull that one off I can see Battlefleet Gothic being one of the most awesome WH40k creations out there.

As for the actual game you will be able to play all of the factions in multiplayer but the singleplayer/co-op mode will be focused solely on the Imperium in order to deliver a compelling campaign experience and story. As someone that is a fan of well told stories I see no issue with this, its better to have one excellent campaign than four mediocre ones.

With all of that said, all there is to do now is to wait for Battlefleet Gothic: Armada to warp in early 2016 and believe me when I say, I am looking forward to this one.