Battlefield V long distance screenshot of the upcoming Marita map

If you're itching for some more Battlefield V content, you might be interested to hear that EA has now announced that four new maps will be coming as a part of Chapter 4. Best of all, the first of these maps, Al Sudan (pretty sure the "Sundan" in the trailer is a typo), will be coming this June with a whole bunch of lovely locations to fight your fellow players in!

Once you get tired of all the open areas in Al Sudan, the close-quarters focused Marita map and its July release date should be just around the corner. Expect to see tight alleyways and even tighter cliffside passages, plenty of ambush spots for the those of you that love to be a bit sneaky, as well as numerous houses riddled with windows to further spice things up. 

There will also be two additional infantry-focused maps coming after Marita, though the exact details about them will only be coming later this summer. What I can tell you right now, however, is that these two maps will take place in the Lofoten Islands and Provence.

So if you're now wondering what all of these maps might look like in gameplay terms, allow me to share with you the recently posted trailers highlighting all four of the above mentioned maps. Have a gander, they're quite an interesting bunch:

As for the future, Battlefield V is planning to take its players to some of the most iconic theaters of World War 2's Pacific front. Much like the infantry-focused maps above, very few details are currently known, but I am glad to say one of the maps will be Iwo Jima!

You can keep track of any further announcements, as well as read a little bit more about Battlefield's Chapter 4, over at the official website.