Battlefield 1 zeppelin

I'm sure its completely unrelated, but I find it hilarious that the upcoming Call of Duty is going full-on futuristic with space travel and mechs, while Battlefield is ditching all of the modern technology in favor of the down and dirty setting of World War 1.

Don't take that as a complaint, however, as the recently shown announcement trailer is, for the lack of a better word, pretty damn awesome. Direct your eyeballs below and have a look for yourself:


As you might have noticed from the trailer, there will be tanks, planes, horses, ferocious applications for shovels, and most importantly, the glorious flamethrower! You will be able to play in either multiplayer matches that support up to 64 people, or in the singleplayer campaign that will take you across France, Arabia, and various other battlefronts of the first world war.

Also, if you've recently caught a rumor floating around that Battlefield 1 will be set in an alternate history version of World War 1, this has been confirmed as completely fake, EA and Dice are aiming for realism with this one.

Battlefield 1 will be available on October 21 for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with those that pre-purchase the "Early Enlister Deluxe Edition" getting three days worth of early access, starting on October 18.

An air battle from Battlefield 1