Battleborn's Toby's Friendship Raid official artwork

If you're among those that have stuck with Battleborn despite fierce competition from Blizzard's Overwatch, you'll be glad to hear that the second story DLC just recently arrived for all Season Pass holders. As is tradition with Battleborn, don't expect to find a deep and compelling narrative in Toby's Friendship Raid DLC, but if you're up for punching robots and spouting near-nonsensical one liners, then it might just be the one for you!

And just in case you don't believe me, allow me to show you the most recent trailer. It contains "lasers, lasers, lasers, and even more lasers", as well as a variety of jokes so cheesy they would probably taste quite nicely on a pizza! Anyway, have a look:

Besides the new missions, there are also a bunch of new items and cosmetics to unlock. To be more specific, there's 8 new titles, 2 new skins for each of the current 29 heroes, 3 new taunts, 6 legendary gear pieces, and even more bonus loot each time you hit the max score in any of the new missions. So if its cosmetics you're looking for, Toby's Friendship Raid seems to be the place to get them.

Those among you that own the Season Pass or Digital Deluxe Editions already have this story DLC available, but everyone else will have to purchase it individually for 700 Platinum through the in-game marketplace. Have fun, and remember, don't call Toby adorable... he gets a little bit angry if you do!

Battleborn's Toby's Friendship Raid Andrei and turret

Battleborn's Toby's Friendship Raid mech behind a protective wall