Batman: Arkham Knight's PC launch can only be described as a complete train wreck. From the moment it released the game's steam forums were filled with users complaining about constant stuttering, audio issues, game freezes, texture blurring and to top it all off the game looked noticeably worse than its console counterparts.

While I still think launching the game in that state is inexcusable I have to at least give credit to Warner Bros for realizing that the issues were simply too numerous and complex to easily patch so they suspended the game's sales, offered refunds to those affected and set out to work on a fix.

And now it would appear they are finally ready to bring back the Arkham Knight to PC. In a steam forum post Warner Bros announced that the PC version of Arkham Knight will be re-released at 10 am PDT, Oct. 28th. The PC version will also be brought up to date with all of the patches and features the consoles received.

If there is any lesson to be learned from all of this its that you really shouldn't pre-order games unless you are absolutely certain you won't regret it. As it stands everyone that buys Arkham Knight from this point onward will get to enjoy a (most likely) polished game while those that pre-purchased got to contend with a buggy incomplete one.