Batman: Arkham Knight DLC titled Season of Infamy is coming on December 22nd with four new villains

In the season finale of the Arkham Insider the developers talked about the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight DLC titled Season of Infamy and what you can expect to see in it.

The DLC will be released on December 22nd and will feature four new missions all based around popular Batman villains, new areas as well as skins such as the Batmobile and suit inspired by Cristopher Nolan's 2008 "The Dark Knight". Here's the video and a brief overview of the upcoming features.


The four new villains added with the DLC are: Mr. Freeze, Killer Croc, Mad Hatter and Ra's al Ghul although Mr. Freeze won't function as the antagonist in his story but rather you two will face off against some sort of militia. This is the biggest addition in the DLC and from what I'm seeing here the missions look fairly substantial with each of them being in a couple of parts that take place in different locations and gameplay themes.

The fight against Ra's al Ghul and his ninjas will be the more action orientated part of the DLC with Batman being able to employ new moves and tactics against his mobile ninja opponents. On the completely opposite spectrum the missions involving Killer Croc will focus on more of a horror atmosphere with close quarters combat and a lot of claustrophobic areas. A great bit of variety for one DLC pack.

Perhaps the coolest thing with the Season of Infamy is the three newly added areas in the police building where you will be able to see the villains you've imprisoned, interrogate suspects and the evidence room which doubles as your own trophy room showcasing your achievements. Its not a massive addition to the game but it adds a lot of flavor which I do appreciate.

The rest of the DLC pack will be skins, the two most important ones being "The Dark Knight" themed Batmobile and suit which seem to have been crafted with a lot of detail and love put in to them because they look simply amazing, as you can se in the video.

Batman: Arkham Knight DLC Season of Infamy adds a new Batsuit styled after 2008 The Dark Knight

Its a really faithful recreation of the movie suit

Overall Season of Infamy looks great and I'd love to recommend it to you but there's a catch. I'm actually really sad that I even have to talk about this given that the DLC and everything surrounding it look like a great addition to the base game but I feel its important to mention a few pitfalls you might fall in to if you're interested in Arkham Knight and don't know much about it.

First of all, while Arkham Knight has received many patches its PC version is still broken, so much so that WB are actually offering refunds to anyone affected until the end of 2015. There is a possibility you might not be affected by performance issues that plague Arkham Knight but even still so if you're looking in to buying the game I'd suggest you make sure your performance is flawless during the first two hours while the Steam refund system can still help you.

The second thing is, don't buy the season pass, its nowhere near worth it. There is barely any content in it and the tons of DLC packs you see advertised as a part of it are either simple one-off missions or skin packs, nothing to really sink your teeth in to. So if you're interested in the Season of Infamy, the latest DLC pack, I'd suggest you go for that one alone because as a bundle the season pass is pretty mediocre.

Don't take this however as me hating on Arkham Knight, I actually don't because when it works properly it is up there as one of the best game representations of Batman but the situation is such that I have to add a lot of caveats before I can even think about recommending it to anyone. A damn shame for both PC gamers and the developers themselves.

Season of Infamy will be arriving on December 22nd and while it looks really good I'd suggest you first check if you can run the game properly before taking the plunge and buying DLC.