My Hero Academia artwork featuring the major characters

Bandai Namco has just recently launched a countdown website for a brand new game. The website currently only features a microwave, which when clicked opens its door and drops an egg. When the website first launched the egg was completely intact, while currently it features some major cracks, though don't get too excited as the countdown is expected to run for another 9 days.

That said, there is a pretty damn good chance this countdown is for a My Hero Academia game. First of all, the URL of the website contains the text "mhaoj", which I can only imagine is going to be the full title of the game. The second, and unfortunately final, piece of evidence pointing towards this being a My Hero Academia game is that an egg in a microwave might be a reference to a very similar scene from Episode 5 in the first season.

Right now all of this is pure speculation, but it does make sense for Bandai Namco to make some sort of fighting game with My Hero Academia characters. The series is currently immensely popular, and they have a lot of experience with creating and publishing similar games, so I wouldn't be too surprised if these predictions end up being true. Either way, I'm afraid all we can do right now is sit and wait for the 9-day counter to run its course. Only then will we finally know the truth.