Attack on Titan 2 screenshot of Titans up close

After being available in Japan for a couple of days now, Attack on Titan 2 has finally made its way to the West as well. It has brought with it improved visuals and performance, tweaked controls, a reworked dodging mechanic, a roster of new characters (including playable Titans), as well as a brand new storyline focused around the show's second season.

If you're wondering how exactly all of this translates into gameplay, allow me to share with you the recently posted launch trailer. It's fairly brief, but it should get the point across quite nicely. Have a look:

From what I've seen so far Attack on Titan 2 appears to be more like an expansion rather than a fully fledged sequel. It is definitely an improvement over the original and quite a lot of fun to play, but just don't expect to see any drastic changes when it comes to gameplay.

This wouldn't be too much of a problem for me, especially considering how I recently praised Vermintide 2 for doing exactly the same thing, but Attack on Titan 2's €70 price tag is just ridiculously expensive for what it actually offers! So whether you're a fan of the original game or someone looking to give the series a try for the first time, I would highly advise waiting until it inevitably goes on sale.

Until then, you can learn a little bit more about it by heading over to Steam. And just for good measure, I'll leave you with one of the story trailers. Enjoy!