Asheron's Call artwork of a shop

After being around for what feels like forever, it appears that the time has come for both Asheron's Call and Asheron's Call 2. According to the recently posted announcement, both MMOs will be closing down their doors on January 31st, 2017.

As for the reason why, the developers haven't elaborated, but I'd imagine the extremely heavy competition from much modern MMOs has done quite a number on AC's population. And speaking of developers, here's their brief and heartfelt goodbye message:

"It is with a heavy heart that we must announce the end of our support for Asheron's Call and Asheron’s Call 2, and will close both services on January 31st, 2017.

This decision did not come easy, and we know this is disappointing for many of you. This game is a labor of love, and it's not easy for us to bring it to an end.

We have had a phenomenally long run; one of the longest in the world of MMORPGs, and that in and of itself is a spectacular feat. We are proud of our legacy, and the entire Asheron's Call team has been honored to adventure with you for nearly twenty years. We thank you very much for being a part of it.

It’s been an amazing run. You’ve done Asheron Realaidain proud."

On the positive side, if there is any, the servers will be up and running between now and January 31st, 2017. So if you want to relive your Asheron's Call memories now would be a good time to do so as its completely free-to-play for anyone with an account. And more importantly, odds are the servers are currently more populated than they have been for the past couple of years, so you might just get to witness AC in its original glory one last time.