Screenshot of Arma 3 featuring tanks

Arma 3 is a rather hardcore military sim, so its understandable if many of you have heard about it, but never decided to gamble a decent chunk of change on whether its something you'd like, or not.

If you belong in that camp you'll be glad to hear that Arma 3 is currently free to play on Steam, and will remain completely free for the next two days, so if you ever wanted to check it out now would be the best time. Here's the somewhat old launch trailer that should still get you up to speed on what to expect from Arma 3:


As an added bonus, Arma 3 is going to be 50% off until May 16th, which brings the price down to $20/€17,5. On the other hand, the Apex Edition which contains all of the DLC is only 30% off, but given that some of the stuff in there is still relatively new I would say that's not an unreasonable offer, though it will still set you back $48/€42.

Whether Arma 3 is worth your time or not, I'm afraid I can't tell you as its just not the game for me, but from what I've heard its the best military sim around, so if feel like that's something that interests you then make sure to give it a look, it is completely free after all.