Deathloop official artwork and logo

It may have taken what feels like an eternity, but it has actually happened! After being delayed time and time again, Arkane's time-bending shooter Deathloop has now finally made its way to both PC and PlayStation 5.

As for the premise behind Deathloop, it's all in the name. You're essentially stuck in a Groundhog Day situation where no matter what happens you'll eventually wind up back where you started. So in order to break the loop you'll need to blast your way through hordes of baddies with a combination of high-powered weapons and seemingly magical abilities, all in an effort to face off against the people behind it all.

You can get a pretty good idea of what all of this looks like in actual gameplay through the recently posted launch trailer. Have a gander:

While the reviews so far seem to be quite positive, it's worth mentioning that there are a fair few complaints about the performance floating around. So unless you're extremely eager to dive in, it might be wise to wait a couple of weeks for all of the launch issues to get patched out in order to enjoy as polished of an experience as possible.

Whatever your thoughts on the matter may be, you can learn more about Deathloop, as well as keep track of any future updates, over at Steam. Enjoy!