Ark: Moon Survival mod brings dinosaurs to the surface of the Moon

Ark: Survival Evolved has some rather imaginative mods on the Steam Workshop, but rare few can match the amount of effort the solo developer behind Ark: Moon Survival underwent in order to bring the action all the way into outer space.

While it might sound like a one-off joke, the Ark: Moon Survival mod is a "proper" total conversion that swaps the lush jungles and green plains with the waste emptiness of space, and the surface of the Moon itself. Perhaps its best if you see for yourself, here's the brief trailer:


You will begin your journey on small space base on the Moon, after which you will need to gather ore and resources to craft tools, weapons, and equipment in order to survive in an unsurprisingly hostile landscape. Since jogging all over the Moon doesn't sound like the best idea for someone looking to conserve oxygen, you will have to make extensive use out of your rover, a new vehicle available either on the marketplace, or crafted through a complex series of recipes.

With your rover assembled you will be able to explore a completely new ecostystem, find rare artifacts and resources scattered all across the wast surface of the Moon, build up a coolest space base known to man, and naturally, try to not get eaten by hordes of skeletal dinosaurs.

I haven't tried it myself, but given its ratings on the Steam Workshop, and all of the positive comments enveloping it, I would say that Ark: Moon Survival is well worth your time if the vanilla Ark experience has gotten a bit stale.

Ark: Moon Survival mod allows you to explore the moon itself