Ark: Survival Evolved's official artwork for Tek Tier technology

If you were hoping to start strapping giant plasma guns onto dinosaurs this week I am afraid I have some bad news... or rather good news depending on your perspective. In a recent announcement over at Steam the Ark: Survival Evolved devs have stated the "Tek Tier" Patch 254 has been delayed until January 30th in order to ensure a polished release.

While the slight delay may be annoying, there is apparently an "extra-special surprise feature" that should more than make up for all the wait.  Here's the full quote: "We're going to be delaying the release of Patch 254 until the 30th of January. I know a lot of you are excited and trust me, we are too. This patch is much larger than we first anticipated and we need more time to work on it in development, and through internal QA process prior public release. However soon you will get to enjoy a hell of lot of new content, and we're cooking up an extra-special surprise feature for the patch!"

And finally, for those of you that have no idea what this whole "Tek Tier" business is all about, but are intrigued by the concept of strapping cannons onto T-Rexes, allow me to share with you the recent preview video. It features power armor, ridiculous weaponry, saddle-mounted artillery, and also jet packs - because why not! Have a look: