Ark Park screenshot showcasing a giant T-REX

When VR technology first started picking up steam I expected two types of games to appear almost instantly: lightsaber dueling, and dinosaur riding! While my dreams of realistic lightsaber dueling will have to wait for another day, it appears the second part will be coming true in the relatively near future as Ark: Survival Evolved is getting a Jurassic Park inspired VR adventure.

The aptly named Ark Park will be a virtual reality experience featuring over 100 unique species of dinosaurs and other critters that shared the planet with them. And if that sounds awesome to you now, just wait until you see the trailer! But before you do I would advise skipping to 0:55s in the video as I found the narrator to be quite annoying. With that said, have a look:

Perhaps the most important part of this entire announcement is that rather than simply stick with boring ol' vehicles, players in Ark Park will also be able to ride on the backs of dinosaurs! As for the gameplay, it will be a combination of puzzle-solving, action, exploration, and even resource management - all in an effort to collect "gene cubes" scattered throughout the park, which I assume is the dinosaur equivalent of a filling up a Pokedex.

You can expect to see Ark Park launch for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Playstation VR on June 15, 2017. And if you're interested in a few more screenshots and some extremely barebones system requirements, head on over to Steam.

Ark Park screenshot featuring a robotic mosquito and many dinosaurs

Ark Park screenshot featuring a rideable raptor

Ark Park screenshot featuring the maglev train