ARK: Survival Evolved has dinosaur bunnies now

Back when I first tried out Ark: Survival Evolved it seemed to be just this generic blend between dinosaurs, crafting, and modern military weapons. However, somewhere along the way the developers figured out that realism is a terrible thing to burden oneself with, so they started adding mega-kangaroos, evil beavers, yetis, and eventually even dragons!

Now that Easter is right around the corner the developers are, obviously, adding dino-bunnies as a part of their, you guessed it, Eggcellent Adventure update. Despite the silly name and theme, the update also brings the much anticipated Swamp and Snow Cave areas which are heavily geared towards High Level Survivors and those looking to delve further in to the lore. Here's the trailer:


The "Eggcellent Adventure" event will only be available for one week, so if you feel like collecting special "Bunny Eggs" all across the ARK, now would be the time. You can either paint them, or use them in special recipes to craft bunny-themed items such as the traditional Bunny Ears, or even a Bunny Costume to embarrass your Procoptodon with. But be warned, the ferocious Bunny-Dodorex roams the lands, hunting for the overeager explorers burdened with the weight of many eggs.

Patch 237, which is a much more boring name for it, also introduces the challenging Swamp and Snow Caves which are aimed at High Level Survivors and contain high-end loot, advanced artifacts, and more clues towards the mysterious origins of the ARK!

You will find the entrances for the new caves at these GPS coordinates: 29,31 for the snow cave and 62,37 for the Swamp. Happy hunting!

Ark Survival Evolved snow cave

Ark Survival Evolved Swampy cave

Ark Survival Evolved has some angry Yetis