Guild Wars 2 teaser artwork for the new Cantha expansion

[Update #2]: End of Dragons will be launching in February 2022!

[Update]: Guild Wars 2's third expansion - End of Dragons - has been unveiled alongside a new trailer

While the Living World updates are great as bite-sized pieces of content, it's the expansions that truly shake things up and breathe fresh air into Guild Wars 2. As such, I am extremely happy to announce that ArenaNet is now working on the third expansion!

The new expansion is still extremely early in development, and so ArenaNet has not shared any sort of details about the story, release date, or even special features that might serve as a highlight of the whole expansion. In fact, we don't even know what it's called right now. However, we do know where it'll be set!

According to the teaser image, Guild Wars 2 will finally be coming back to Cantha, a continent that was first introduced in Guild Wars Factions. Expect to see plenty of Eastern Asian influences, an entire lake made out of frozen jade, giant petrified trees, and a variety of other equally bizarre landscapes. In other words, Cantha should be quite fun to explore!

I'd love to tell you more as I'm curious myself, but I'm afraid that's pretty much it as far as current information goes. You can keep track of any future updates, as well as read a little bit more about upcoming events, over at the Guild Wars 2 website.