Dead Rising 4 screenshot of a selfie with zombies

The Humble Monthly is a $12 subscription service that instantly gives you access to a couple of games, and then a whole bunch more once the next month rolls around. Last time both the featured and bonus games were pretty darn good and easy to recommend, while this time around you're looking at a much more... interesting combination of Kerbal Space Program, Ruiner and Dead Rising 4.

If you're wondering whether this bundle is worth your time and money, I'm afraid the answer isn't a simple one. First and foremost, Dead Rising 4 has an impressive array of technical problems on PC, problems that have never and will never be solved. But while Dead Rising 4 might as well be a write-off, both Kerbal Space Program and Ruiner are highly enjoyable games in their own right. The only problem with them is that they represent completely different genres and gameplay styles, thus making this whole bundle incredibly hard to recommend. 

In terms of actual monetary value I would say that for $12 you're getting a pretty good bang for your buck with these three games, and this even includes the scenario where Dead Rising 4 is just about unplayable on your PC. That said, I would still highly advise doing a bit of research into Kerbal Space Program and Ruiner before making any sort of decision. They really are great games, but they're also the type of games you're either going to love or hate, so do make sure you know which camp you belong to before you go and reach for your wallet.

Have fun, and I hope you'll have more luck with Dead Rising 4 than I did!