Apex Legends artwork showing off Pathfinder

Out of all the free-to-play games I've ever played, Apex Legends has surprisingly been the most stingy of them all. The amount of Apex Packs you could acquire by playing was severely limited, and unless you were particularly lucky, you would also end up at 'max' level without the ability to craft even a single quality skin. Not exactly ideal, to put it gently.

Thankfully, Respawn seems to have realized that it's probably a good idea to give players something interesting to chase after, and so the upcoming update will overhaul the level progression and rewards. The player level has been increased from 100 to 500, while the amount of Apex Packs you could earn has been increased from 45 to 199. As an added bonus, every 100 levels you will earn a Gun Charm which is essentially a small figurine you can dangle off your favorite weapons.

It's also worth mentioning that the Apex Packs will be awarded retroactively, so if you're currently at level 100, worry not as you'll get all of the packs you've missed out on. The number of packs will likely be a lot larger than you might expect as under the new system players earn one pack every level from 2-20, one pack every two levels from 22-300, and one pack every five levels from 305-500.

So while there's still a cap to the amount of stuff you can earn in-game, this new one should feel a lot better for both veterans and new players alike. After all, you'll now actually be able to craft a couple of your favorite skins without needing to either purchase excess Apex Packs or the Battle Pass itself, which is pretty neat.

You can read more about these changes, as well as the update itself, over at the official website.