Apex Legends official artwork for Pathfinder

After repeatedly announcing that they will announce an announcement next week, I am very glad to say that Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has now finally revealed that the long-awaited bugfixing patch will be coming early next week. No exact date has been given just yet, but considering that most of the updates so far have been done on Tuesdays, I think it's safe to say the same thing will apply here as well.

In terms of actual content, the update isn't exactly massive, but it does bring with it fixes for some of the most important issues. First and foremost, Gibraltar and Caustic players will be happy to hear that their Fortify (10% damage reduction) passive will no longer cause damage to their health and will instead work as advertised.

Speaking of hearing, it's also important to mention that the ear-splitting sound bugs that can occur on the console (and occasionally PC) version will be a thing of the past with the next patch. Similarly, enemy footsteps will now be easier to hear, especially when someone is sprinting directly behind you. This should hopefully address the situations where enemies just seem to materialize around you without anyone on your squad ever hearing anything.

Perhaps most importantly, some of the backed problems that cause faulty hit detection will be getting fixed this patch as well. No real details have been given just yet, but it does appear that this will be the first of many updates dealing with these sort of problems. Either way, I can only hope Pathfinder's hitbox will finally go back to normal this Tuesday!

Once more information becomes available, most likely when the update itself arrives, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, you can read a little bit more about these changes over at Reddit.