Apex Legends artwork showing off Pathfinder

[Update]: Apex Legends' January 2022 animated short offers a closer look at Bangalore's bloody backstory.

Over the past couple of seasons Apex Legends has started putting more and more effort into expanding the lore and fleshing out the various characters. This newest story update is of the second variety, though ironically enough, it's here to flesh out a character that's made entirely out of metal - Pathfinder!

So if you're curious what exactly Pathfinder did before becoming a fan-favorite in Apex Legends, as well as who in the world even created him, you should definitely check out the animated short. Have a gander, and make sure to pay attention to the small details as this one has plenty of references:

When it comes to the major story beats, it's interesting to see that Pathfinder is seemingly ancient and has been present for just about every major event, including the ending of Titanfall 2. The second intriguing thing is that it was apparently Wattson's mother (or likely grandmother) that created Pathfinder for some great purpose. However, what that purpose might actually be, I'm afraid we'll have to wait a while longer in order to find out.

Still, this was a pretty fun animated short, and I can only hope Respawn will be releasing even more of them throughout 2021! Once that happens I'll make sure to let you know, but until then you might want to check out the recently launched and Pahtfinder themed event before it goes away on January 19th. Have fun!