Apex Legends screenshot of the Overflow arena map

[Update]: The Thrillseekers event has now arrived, and outside of some initial server problems, things are looking pretty good for Apex Legends.

The Genesis event has not even run its course, and already Respawn has announced a brand new update! Much like its predecessor, this upcoming Thrillseekers event will bring with it a variety of cosmetics in both paid and free flavors, as well as a brand new arena map to toy around with!

However, instead of simply reusing a popular location like Skull Town and calling it a day, the new Overflow map is almost entirely new despite being set in the lava region of World's Edge. Expect to see powerful high ground positions, multiple tunnel-like lanes to run around in, some massive slopes to help you juke your opponents, and as the name would suggest, plenty of lava!

You can get a pretty good idea of what Overflow looks like in action, as well as what sort of cosmetics the Thrillseekers update is bringing with it, in the recently posted teaser trailer. Have a gander:

As for the release date, Thrillseekers will be kicking off shortly after the Genesis event ends, on July 13th. The event will run all the way until August 3rd, with each week bringing with it a couple of freebies to collect. These include Battle Pass boosters, crafting materials, Apex Packs, Rampart and Bangalore skins, as well as some matching weapon cosmetics.

You can check out the full list of rewards, as well as keep an eye on Apex Legends' updates in general, over at the official website.