Anthem official artwork showing the four characters

[Update]: It seems that BioWare is not giving up on Anthem. They have now announced that they are planning to reinvent and rebuild its gameplay and character progression from the ground up!

For those of us that aren't subscribed to Origin Access, BioWare's newest action-RPG Anthem will be arriving this February 22nd. It'll bring with it a variety of classes to mess around with, hordes of enemies to smash into a fine paste, plenty of weapons to help you do just that, more loot than any human could ever possibly need, and perhaps most interestingly, different styles of jetpacks to help spice things up.

If you're wondering what all of this might look like in gameplay terms, you might be interested to hear that BioWare has now released an explosive launch trailer. Have a peek:

I haven't played the pre-release myself, but it is worth mentioning that the public opinion on Anthem is currently quite divided. From what I can figure out, the problem lies in the fact that while the gunplay and movement mechanics are extremely solid, the actual story and mission objectives are about as uninspired as it gets.

So if you're willing to accept a bit of advice, I would highly recommend you give Anthem a couple of weeks before purchasing it yourself. Not only will this help you avoid most of the annoying bugs, but it will also give you plenty of time to see what the community thinks about the end-game, the weapon variety, and the overall shape of Anthem.

Whatever your decision may be, you should head on over to the official website to learn more about Anthem. And as a final note, allow me to leave you with one of the earlier previews highlighting the story, progression and customization. Enjoy!