American Truck Simulator now has a free demo

If someone told me a few years ago to try out a game that's all about being an honest, law-abiding trucker I would have probably burst in to laughter. Nowadays I ask which trucks are available...

You might think I'm being facetious but the Truck Simulator series has been an absolute joy to me. Its simple to grasp, engaging, yet extremely relaxing making it a great way to unwind alongside a podcast or two after having a rough day. 

And if you need further convincing, American Truck Simulator has released a free demo today so if you want to experience the glorious life of a virtual trucker now's your chance. Here's the trailer as well:


The demo version is limited only to the state of California but is otherwise identical to the complete game. If you end up buying it after playing through the demo you can continue where you left off as the saves are compatible with the main game.

Again, I know it sounds like the whole series is a joke but trust me when I say, its well worth the hour or so to try out. You might just find yourself greatly enjoying the open road and the freedom it allows you. I certainly did.