A kid playing with the HTC Vive headset

The early days of VR madness are thankfully behind us, and from today onward anyone that orders an HTC Vive will have their unit shipped within 2-3 business days of purchase.

Furthermore, you'll soon be able to grab yourself a Vive from various Microsoft Stores, GameStop, and Micro Center locations across North America. For those of you that have pre-ordered your unit from any of these stores I also have some exciting news - they will begin fulfilling orders this week.

If you're still not sold on VR, but are willing to try it, the Vive will be demoed in 100 different locations throughout North America. By pressing here you'll be able to find a location near you, though I can't vouch for it actually working given that it simply redirects me to the EU website. What I can vouch for, however, is how amazing VR feels when you're actually trying it out in person, rather than simply watching someone else flail about and scream in excitement. If you have the time I would suggest you make the trip because VR is one of those things "you have to try to understand", but once you do you'll see what all the kerfuffle is all about.

The only bad thing I can say about VR right now is the price tag, which at $800/€900 (without shipping) is not something many can afford. It'll come down eventually as the technology advances and manufacturing becomes easier, but until then I'm afraid many of us will simply have to contend with watching Youtube videos of people bolting face-first into a wall because of virtual zombies. All in all, its not that bad.