All Whispers of the Old Gods cards have been released

After drip-feeding us cards for the better part of two months now, Blizzard has finally decided to unleash everything they have, first by announcing all of the nerfs, and now by revealing every single Whispers of the Old Gods card.

You can find the full list over at the official Facebook page, but its rather messy and unorganized, so I'd recommend going with Hearthpwn, they've made the cards presentable and easy to search by class.

Cards aside, I have one more amazing piece of news: Every single player will receive 13 Whispers of the Old Gods packs for free! You will gain 3 simply by logging in during the month-long promotion, 5 will come from an easy "win 2 standard games" quest, and another 5 from the oh so complicated "win 7 standard games" quest. It might not sound like much, but when you combine all of the cards you'll gain from the free packs with the dust you'll receive from disenchanting nerfed cards you will be able to make nearly every single deck that tickles your fancy.

The bad news is that while most classes got cards that enable new styles of play, the Priest and Rogue classes seem to have been struck with the Hammer of Boring which ended up removing a lot of their fun and unique interactions in favor of generally OK minions that promote a generic playstyle. I truly hope I'm in the wrong here, and I wouldn't be surprised if I was, but the future isn't looking too swell for the two of the most thieving classes in Hearthstone, with the Rogue being the surprise addition there, ironically enough.

Whatever the case may be, we'll see the results soon enough as Whispers of the Old Gods releases on April 26 for the Americas, with the rest of the world getting afflicted on April 27.

Rogue's bladeflurry has been nerfed in Hearthstone

Goodnight sweet prince, you served us well