Alan Wake official artwork and logo

[Update]: After a decade of waiting, Alan Wake 2 is finally heading over to PC and consoles in 2023.

If you're a fan of highly atmospheric horror games and you've somehow managed to avoid giving Alan Wake a try all this time, you might be interested to hear that the new and improved Alan Wake Remastered has now arrived. The remastered version brings with it 4K visuals, support for modern resolutions, reworked character models and cutscenes, as well as a bunch of other graphical improvements.

As for what exactly all of this looks like in actual gameplay, that you can get a glimpse at through the recently posted launch trailer. Have a look:

I haven't played it myself so take the following with a few grains of salt, but the reviews released so far have pretty much confirmed what many have theorized since the original announcement - this is still the same old Alan Wake, just with a new coat of paint. In other words, the remastered version is definitely the best to start if you're a brand new player, while veterans can comfortably skip it unless they really care about the improved visuals.

Whatever your thoughts on the matter may be, you can learn more about Alan Wake Remastered over at the official website. Have fun, and here's to hoping we'll see a brand new Alan Wake at some point in the future!