Aion's Lost Memories fire elemental boss

After being available in the Americas for a little while now, Aion's massive Lost Memories expansion has finally arrived to Europe as well. There's two new regions to explore, four new instances to bash your head against, 5 extra levels to gain, and naturally, plenty of new and shiny loot to collect.

On the other hand, if you're mostly interested in the story and what exactly Lost Memories brings on that front, here's the relatively recent trailer that details just that:


While all of the new content is quite exciting, there are also a few important quality of life changes in Lost Memories as well. The previously restricted starter accounts, aka players who haven't spent any money in the cash shop, will now have world and whisper chats freely available from level 10 and onward. It might not sound like much, but this small change is going to make grouping significantly easier and stress free.

Since I've never actually played Aion outside of the starter zone I can't really comment on any of the new changes, but if you're looking to get all of the details on Lost Memories, head over here. Do make sure to grab a cup of coffee before you go in, however, as the developers have compiled 40 pages full of information, balance changes, and the various new features coming in with Lost Memories. And yes, I counted!

Aion's Lost Memories fire elemental