Detective Poirot will be making his appearance on Steam this February

I never was much of a fan of the murder mystery/investigation genre, mostly due to being born past its prime but after playing and enjoying Aviary Attorney I might be turning around on it. And what better game would there be to start my journey than one starring the famously mustached detective Poirot.

Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders is coming to Steam (PC & Mac) on February 4th and from everything I can see so far its very true to its origins. Here's the trailer so you can take a look for yourself:


It might not be the Poirot my parents watched endless repeats of back in my childhood but as you can see its a pretty good representation, both in terms of the stylish visuals and rather excellent voice acting.

If you're so inclined you can pre-order The ABC Murders at a 20% discount though whether its worth it or not I'm afraid I don't have the answers for. What I can tell you is that Microids, the developers behind the game, have made some really great adventure & point and click games such as Syberia but also complete mobile-phone fluff.

Given that The ABC Murders seems like a rather high profile game for Microids it makes sense that they would bring their a-game for it in which case I can see the end result being quite good. Or at least I hope so anyway.