Dirt 5 racing in snowy weather screenshot

Like a good chunk of games this year, Dirt 5 has had to adjust its release date multiple times in order to account for the pandemic messing everything up. So instead of launching on October 9th as originally planned, the release date ended up being pushed back to October 16th, and then to November 6th quickly after.

Thankfully, there is a happy ending to this whole story. Not only is Dirt 5 now fully on track to launch this November 6th, but pretty much all of the reviews so far seem to be positive! So if you're in a bit of a racing mood, you might want to keep an eye on Dirt 5.

As for what exactly you can expect to see in terms of gameplay from Dirt 5, that you can find out through two of the trailers down below. Have a gander, they're fairly short and to the point:

The final thing worth mentioning is that if you end up buying the "Amplified Edition", you will be able to start playing three days ahead of time on both PC and consoles. The price is a solid €20 higher though, so do make sure to do a little bit of research on all of the extra content and cosmetics before deciding whether the whole thing is worth it for you.

Whatever your choice may be, you can learn more about Dirt 5 over at the official website.