After being delayed due to bugs Aviary Attorney is now released on Steam

Aviary Attorney was supposed to release last week, December 18 to be specific, but due to a rather big bug with the save system it was delayed until recently. Given that many have waited over a year for it to arrive since its Kickstarter campaign concluded the extra few days passed easily.

Now, with Aviary Attorney finally released you will be able to find out what exactly Victorian era birds know about law and justice. I will have a first impressions article/video later tonight or tomorrow morning but for now here's a short overview of what Aviary Attorney is:


Gameplay is centered around the well-meaning but questionably experienced lawyer Monsieur Falcon and his chatty apprentice Sparrowson as they explore 19th century Paris and solve crimes through words and evidence rather than punching.

The most striking thing about Aviary Attorney must be the art style, the likes of which I haven't seen before in game. The art, as the developers themselves have stated, is inspired by J.J. Grandville's work and I think its safe to say that they've managed to emulate his style extremely well.

Aviary Attorney is out on Steam and will set you back €13 / $13.