Kingdom Hearts screenshot from the PC version

[Update]: Kingdom Hearts 4 has been announced alongside a realistic, modern-day setting.

The very first Kingdom Hearts game released for the PlayStation 2 in 2002, after which the series slowly started expanding to other platforms. Unfortunately, despite the series spanning nearly two decades at this point, none of the games ever made their way onto PC. That is, until today!

Better yet, not only has the Kingdom Hearts series just arrived onto PC, but it has done so through four collections featuring the entire main series, complementary episodes and even a short movie! So if you ever wanted to dive deep into the rich Kingdom Hearts world, you'll now be able to do just that... provided you can actually figure out which games to play in which order given that the titles might as well be randomly generated.

While all of this is exciting stuff, and something I'd personally grab within a heartbeat, there is a bit of a catch. Despite some of these games being quite old at this point, each collection will set you back between €40 and €48, and that's with a 20% discount already included. So if you wanted to get all of it for the complete experience, that decision would set you back a rather spicy €184!

Now admittedly you don't have to buy the entire series at once. You can always start with the first one and then slowly move on from there, perhaps with the added help of the upcoming spring sales. For me that's still a bit of a dealbreaker as I prefer to binge through my story-focused games, so personally I think I'll just wait until I can grab the whole series at a more reasonable price point.

Whatever your thoughts on the matter may be, you can learn more about Kingdom Hearts, as well as potentially grab yourself some of the games, over at the Epic Games Store. Have fun!