Sonic Forces screenshot of Sonic running down a steep hill

[Update]: The next big Sonic the Hedgehog game will focus on open-world exploration.

While its initial announcement was met with a resounding "meh", the public opinion on Sonic Forces changed considerably when Sonic Mania ended up being not only good, but downright amazing! It really seemed like the Sonic Team knew what they were doing, that they were finally going to bring Sonic back into the spotlight as more than the butt of a joke.

With that in mind, I am extremely glad to say that Sonic Forces did not end up being a disaster like Sonic Boom, but unfortunately it did end up being just as disappointing. The core gameplay is quite fun, don't get me wrong, but the whole campaign is ridiculously short. Each mission takes only a couple of minutes to beat, while you can blaze through the entire game within a couple of hours. You'll probably want to repeat some of the missions because they are quite the spectacle, but I highly doubt it'll be enough to keep your interest for very long. Not exactly ideal for a game that costs €20 more than Sonic Mania.

I personally wouldn't recommend grabbing Sonic Forces before it goes on a steep discount, but if you would like to learn more you should head on over to either Steam or the official website. And finally, let me leave you with the launch trailer, just to give you an idea of what Sonic Forces is all about.