Tera MMORPG screenshot of a group battle against a boss

With the playerbase rapidly dwindling year after year, it was only a matter of time. As such I'm sad to inform you that after a decade of action, at least in the West, Bluehole's combat-focused MMORPG Tera is closing down its doors for good.

New Tera account registrations will be deactivated on May 31st, 2022, while the servers themselves will be going down on June 30th, 2022 at 10am CEST. There will also be no refunds for purchased or remaining currency, though if you have Tera Club membership that will run beyond June 30th, you can contact support for at least a partial refund.

"After careful deliberations, the developers of TERA (Bluehole) have unfortunately taken the difficult decision to end development of the game, as they feel that they are no longer able to provide the satisfying content that TERA players deserve," explains the brief update. "Instead they would like to focus their internal development efforts on other projects."

"After nearly 10 long years, the TERA legend must sadly come to an end. Together we’ve braved so many of Arborea’s perils, fought valiantly against the argons, made many new friends and gone on countless adventures. We would like to thank you for your loyalty, for accompanying us on this long journey, and for being such an amazing community!"

Thankfully, I do have at least one tiny bit of good news to share. In order to make Tera's last two months as memorable as possible, the team will be running a series of permanent events that will remove a lot of the grinding and allow you to get straight into the meat of things. So if you're in the mood for one last hurrah before Tera goes away forever, now would be the time to jump back in.

You can learn more about the shutdown, as well as keep track of any further updates, over at the Gameforge website.