Screenshot from Nox, an oldschool action RPG

Nox is an action RPG developed by Westwood and released all the way back in 2000. It was a fairly good game, and it maintains a small but loyal cult following to this very day, though chances are you've never even heard of it because Diablo 2 took the world by storm, and with it all of the spotlight.

If you're up for experiencing some ARPG history Nox is currently available for free on Origin as a part of their "On the House" program. Here's one of the few trailers I could find on Youtube, though bear in mind the graphical quality back in the day was... not very good:


The one important thing you should keep in mind with Nox is that the official servers have long since gone down, so if you do decide to engage in a spot of jolly cooperation, you best make sure you can do so over LAN.

Other than that, the only thing worth mentioning is that Nox was never designed with modern operating systems in mind, so you might run into some trouble playing it on Windows 10, but thankfully for me it worked perfectly fine. Have fun!

Nox is an oldschool action RPG