Very rarely does a piece of news bring excitement to my cold, shriveled heart but the announcement of a Witcher movie is an exception.

It was announced in a press release that SDC Works (most famous for the Mummy series) is teaming up with Tomek Baginski, a Polish director who you might know from his work on the Witcher cinematics as well as the short film "The Cathedral" to make a full-length feature film based on the Witcher series of books.

The movie is intended as an introduction to the Witcher universe and will focus on stories from "The Last Wish" collection. A good choice in my opinion as the two books in the collection provide you with an good understanding of Geralt and his friends as well as how the world functions.

So if any of you are Witcher fans but haven't gotten around to the books yet consider this my recommendation to get both the "The Last Wish" and its followup "The Sword of Destiny", you will have a lot of "oooooooh, that's why" moments after reading it.

The release date for the yet untitled movie is planned for sometime in 2017, a bit vague but better to have it like that than to disappoint with delays. Either way, I'll be waiting.