The Culling screenshot of a crossbow

Before PUBG and Fortnite catapulted the battle royale genre into the stratosphere, there was a rather successful albeit somewhat niche battle royale game by the name of The Culling. Unfortunately, despite its impressive start The Culling ended up slowly losing its population due to various missteps, bugs and poorly thought out balance changes.

After trying something similar and once again failing with The Culling 2, Xaviant Games have now decided to return to the original in order to bring it back to its former glory. As such, the current version of The Culling features many of the design decisions and gameplay features that made the original so popular, though with a couple of new additions such as XP and leveling, new cosmetics and weapons, better matchmaking, and so forth.

Whether this 'new old' version of The Culling will manage to stand the test of time, that still remains to be seen, but if you would like to check it out for yourself and see what it's all about, you might be interested to hear that it has now gone fully free-to-play. If you're interested, simply head on over to Steam and you'll be able to clobber your fellow man with makeshift weapons in no time.

And for those of you wondering what The Culling even looks or plays like, allow me to leave you with the recently posted trailer. It's not the lengthiest trailer around, but it should hopefully get you up to speed on what The Culling is really all about. Enjoy!