Starcraft 1's Protoss Carrier artwork

Starcraft is one of the most influential games of all time, and to my knowledge the very first esport that gained any sort of wide-spread attention. Given its popularity it shouldn't come as surprise to hear that there were numerous rumors about it getting remastered over the years, though so far all of those rumors and speculation have ended up being exactly that.

Now that I've adequately lowered your expectations, allow me to share with you a potentially exciting bit of news. According to Sports Seoul, and translated over at by Waxangel, Starcraft: Remastered is going to make an appearance this May-June. The remake will feature high-resolution graphics, integration, and most likely updated audio quality, but the gameplay itself will remain unchanged from Starcraft: Brood War.

Needless to say this is yet another rumor to add to the ever-growing pile, but on the positive side we'll be able to find out whether any of this is true fairly quickly. According to the original article Starcraft: Remastered will be announced very soon, perhaps even as soon as next week!

If true this would be an incredible piece of news with some far-reaching implications. First of all, we would most likely see a revival of Brood War's once incredible pro scene, especially in Korea where it became a sort of national sport. Secondly, this would mean Blizzard is willing to do remasters of their old games! Could you imagine how awesome it would be to play through Warcraft 1 and 2 with modern controls, or go back to Warcraft 3's multiplayer with fancy new visuals and a completely rejuvenated playerbase!

Until any of this is confirmed, however, I would recommend remaining skeptical as getting overly excited about rumors is an excellent way of getting constantly disappointed.