A Plague Tale: Innocence screenshot of our characters and a completely ruined village

If you're tired of endless action and you're looking for a bit of a different experience, you might want to check out the newly released A Plague Tale: Innocence. It is a stealth and story focused adventure that will have you avoid murderous knights and hordes of ravenous rats, all in an effort to keep your sibling safe while you figure out what in the world is actually happening.

Since A Plague Tale: Innocence is heavily focused on atmosphere I won't waste your time by trying to describe it through words alone. Instead, allow me to share with you the recently posted launch trailer as that'll give you a pretty good idea of just what kind of game you're getting yourself into:

I've only briefly touched A Plague Tale: Innocence myself, but from what I can see it has received highly positive reviews across the board. So if you're even remotely interested in these types of story-focused adventures, you might want to give it a try, or at least keep a close eye on it moving forward. Just don't make my mistake and do too much research on the plot itself, as there are some things you really don't want to know from the very beginning! 

That little bit of warning aside, you can learn more about A Plague Tale: Innocence, as well as grab yourself a copy, by heading over to either the official website or Steam. Have fun!