A new Ghostbusters game is coming on July 12th

You know how most movie tie-in games tend to be a steaming pile of the nastiest, most vile garbage you can find? Well, you'll be delighted to hear that the new Ghostbusters game has the potential to be one such classic.

On the positive side, at least the developers have realized that the characters from the Ghostbusters remake movie are all completely unlikable, so they've invented their own ones who seem to be a lot more proficient at their jobs. Here's the trailer, and I hope I lowered your expectations enough for you to not get depressed over the fact that the last good Ghostbusters game came out eons ago:


I will fully admit I might be overly harsh on the new Ghostbusters game, but a combination of Activision, a movie tie-in game, and a popular franchise that has been dragged through the mud with shoddy adaptations doesn't leave me with much hope for a good product, especially since the trailer shows off ~4 seconds of actual gameplay, with plenty of jumpcuts in between, so you can't tell what's actually going on.

Here's to hoping I'm completely wrong, and this ends up being an excellent, albeit low-budget, adaptation of the Ghostbusters franchise for everyone to enjoy with their friends. There have been good movie tie-in games in the past, so who knows, we might see something unique and special come out of this, rather than what everyone has already labeled as a soulless cash-in. Its a bit of a long shot, but I'd like to live in a world where the Ghostbusters are once again relevant.

The Ghostbusters game is coming on July 12 for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.