Dead Island Retro Rampage is the name of the upcoming Dead Island game

The past year has not been a good one for the Dead Island franchise. First Dead Island 2 underwent heavy development troubles and then subsequently even lost its whole team and the Dead Island MOBA got canceled before it even had a chance to come out of beta.

But much like the zombies it portrays it appears that Dead Island isn't dead just yet as the Australian Classification board recently listed an entry for Dead Island Retro Revenge with an M rating for bloody violence.

Its being made by Empty Clip Studios whose previous titles include Grooving Blocks - a Wii puzzle game, Glow - an Iphone puzzle game and finally Symphony - an arcadey shoot-em-up with levels generated from your music.

In other words, as if it wasn't obvious from the game's title, expect Dead Island Retro Revenge to be an indie take on the Dead Island franchise rather than one of the main entries in the series. But don't take that as me looking down upon Retro Revenge, if anything I look forward to seeing what sort of innovations Empty Clip wants to bring in to the series because if they just wanted to make a zombie game they could've done so without the licensing fees.

With no official information available right now I'd suggest remaining cautiously optimistic until the first bits of gameplay footage start showing up in the coming months.