GTA V mode recreates The Last of Us

The core part of this transformation is Rapidiment's After Us: Rodeo mod which is rather stylish recreation of The Last of Us visuals in GTA V. It unfortunately doesn't affect the entirety of GTA V's map but where it does work it works extremely well as you'll see in the video below.

The video itself was made by a youtuber called taltigolt who cleverly combined GTAFREAk67S's Joel (The Last Of Us) mod with After Us: Rodeo to create something very similar to The Last of Us. Here's the video:


While there are no creepy mushroom zombies or clicking noises to be found anywhere in the video the scenery seems to be spot on. Rotting cars, overgrown streets, nice and bright environments that somehow still cause a foreboding atmosphere, magically working traffic lights - all of the elements that made the visual design of The Last of Us good are present here, albeit in lower quality.

And even though the After Us: Rodeo mod doesn't implement any actual gameplay features it could be the basis of some other, more complex mods in the future. I certainly hope so because it would be a shame to let such nice scenery go to waste.

If you would like to give it a try here's the download link for After Us: Rodeo though be warned, you will need a beefy PC to run this as its not very optimized right now. The original instructions are in a very broken English so I've taken the liberty of "translating" them. If I made a mistake somewhere give me a shout on twitter and I'll make sure correct it. Here they are:

- Copy au.xml, the "scripts" folder and other files to your main GTA V folder

- When in game, enter the Director mode

- Once in Director mode press F7 and open the map editor

- Choose Load map, and the pick au.xml

- Enter "rodeo"

- Go to the place shown on the map