Overwatch beta weekend begins on April 15

If you're about as lucky as I am then you're probably following the Overwatch developer blogs, reading the patch notes, checking up on heroes, slowly dying inside, and all of the other lovely side-effects that come with being among those that never received a beta key.

While there is still no guaranteed way of getting in to the closed beta, the upcoming stress test on April 15 will coincide with a massive amount of beta invites being sent out, and with a little bit of luck one of them might just have your name on it.

The second and final Beta Test Weekend will start on April 15 at 9:00 am PDT and end a mere day later, April 16 at 9:00 pm PDT.

As you can see, its not a very long beta, mostly because the purpose behind this one is to stress test the server hardware ahead of the official release, rather than the gameplay balance. On the positive side, Blizzard will begin flagging accounts today (April 14), so if you're among those that have received an invite you will be able to start downloading Overwatch ahead of the Beta Test Weekend's official start. Bear in mind that due to the nature of this test there will most likely be numerous issues such as lag, disconnects, server crashes, and so forth.

Finally, if this brief glimpse is simply not enough for you to figure out whether Overwatch is worth a purchase or not, there's no need to worry as there will be an open beta running from May 5 - May 9, with an extra few days given to those that pre-order.