Young Souls game official artwork and logo

[Update]: Young Souls has now arrived, and outside of some technical troubles it's looking pretty solid.

If you're in the mood for kicking back and then kicking your way through scores upon scores of goblins beat'em up style, you might want to check out the upcoming Young Souls. It's essentially a side-scrolling brawler mixed with an action RPG, with all of the features you might expect from a hybrid of the two genres.

In other words there's plenty of 2.5D levels to explore, enemies and bosses to clobber over the head with combo moves, as well as weapons, armor and accessories to equip in order to customize your playstyle. And just to help spice things up, Young Souls is fully playable in either singleplayer or shared-screen co-op, so definitely bring a friend along if you're planning to dive in.

Since the action is the primary focus in Young Souls, allow me to stop yammering and instead share with you the recently posted trailer. It should give you a pretty good idea of just what the gameplay looks like and what the developers are even trying to accomplish. Have a gander:

As for the release date, you can expect to see Young Souls land onto PC and consoles this March 10th, 2022. Once it does I'll make sure to let you know, but for now you can learn a little bit more about it over at Steam.

Young Souls game screenshot of a boss fight in singleplayer

Young Souls game screenshot of the customization options for the characters

Young Souls screenshot of an enemy getting smacked in the face