World of Goo official artwork and logo

While indie games are relatively omnipresent these days, especially on Steam where they can frequently dominate the front page, the situation was much different a decade ago. Back then indie games were an incredibly rare sight and very few of them ever became truly successful, either because they didn't have the marketing clout to actually make themselves known to the players, or simply because storefronts wouldn't accept them. 

Despite the deck being stacked heavily against it, World of Goo released in 2008 and achieved an absolutely staggering amount of success, receiving widespread praise from both critics and players alike. Perhaps most importantly, its simple yet enjoyable physics-based puzzles ended up introducing a whole host of players to the wonderful world of indie games, showing them for the first time that even the smallest of games can be well worth a playthorugh.

With that little bit of history lesson now out of the way, I am very glad to announce that World of Goo has now received a free remaster. While there are no new levels or battle royale game modes, the remaster has brought in support for modern systems and widescreen resolutions, as well as improved visuals and UI. The developers have also removed the encryption from their assets and save files, which should make modding World of Goo significantly easier. A small batch of changes, but certainly nothing to complain about given that World of Goo was already pretty darn good.

The Windows and Mac versions have already been updated with these changes, while the Linux one will be getting them over the course of the next few days. So whether you have the Steam version or the one you bought directly from the developers, you'll now be able to enjoy World of Goo in a slightly better form! 

You can learn a little bit more about these improvements, as well as grab yourself a copy if you don't have one already, over at the official website. Have fun!