Wildfire official artwork and logo

As the name would imply, Wildfire is no ordinary stealth game. Instead of spending the entire game moving from shadow to shadow and praying the guards don't glance in your direction, Wildfire allows you to use elemental magic to create new pathways, incapacitate enemies, and obviously enough, cause a gigantic and nearly unstoppable blaze for your opponents to worry about while you slip by unnoticed.

Wildfire released back in late May to some pretty solid reception, and after collecting a variety of feedback, the appropriately named Sneaky Bastards studio has now returned with a major update. This very first patch brings with it over 100 fixes, tweaks, improvements and changes, all in an effort to iron out some of the annoying bugs and make the whole experience a lot smoother.

For example, fire jump now no longer consumes your fireball when activated, while the snow piles in mountain environments can now finally be used to channel water. Furthermore, a setting has been added to make enemy patrols more challenging in the New Game Plus mode, the time it takes to start sprinting has been reduced in order to make the moment-to-moment gameplay flow better, and the list of similar changes goes on for a little while.

You can read all about these tweaks, as well as check out Wildfire while it's on a 10% discount, by hopping over to Steam. Enjoy!