We Are The Dwarves is a hardcore strategy game

We are the Dwarves is a real time strategy game where you take control of a trio of Dwarven astronauts on a mission that has gone terribly wrong leaving them stranded in the void of space, which in this universe is comprised of stone.

It features some incredibly challenging levels you will need to navigate through careful planning, skillful use of your Dwarven abilities and a whole lot of slashing & bashing. Here's the trailer, a bit of information on each Dwarf and the game itself:


Your first Dwarven astronaut is Smashfist, a simple Dwarf that prefers to solve his problems through the copious use of self-immolation and wild axe swinging. With his innate durability and plenty of offensive potential Smashfist is going to be leading the charge (quite literally) in to every battle, just make sure not to hit him yourself, the enemies don't need any more help.

The second Dwarf is the very serious Enforcer who prefers to hang back and rely on his rifle. With very limited close ranged potential and plenty of area damage the Enforcer is the powerhouse of the team though he does need constant protection from those pesky enemies that like to come up close and personal.

Shadow is your final and most mysterious Dwarf. His role is that of subterfuge and stealth, taking out enemies before the fight even begins in order to make things easier on the rest of the team. He might not be as good as the other two when it comes to actual combat but as far as stabbing people in the back is concerned, Shadow is your Dwarf.

We are the Dwarfs cast of characters

Our noble trio trudging through a swamp (not as fun when you're short)

The story in We are the Dwarves revolves around the slow death of the Dwarven Stars, ancient crystalline formations that power the entire Dwarven civilization. With their days numbered the various Dwarven tribes have gathered their bravest and finest in order to launch an expedition in to the stony void and hopefully find another Star that might bring life back in to their dying civilization. As it so often goes your ship crash-lands in an unknown part of the universe putting the lives of your Dwarves and their mission in question.

To reach your new home you will need to battle your way across many worlds filled with hostile aliens and ancients monsters that lurk in the depths of space. To help even the odds We are the Dwarves allows you to pause the game at any point in order to carefully think about your tactics, line up your shots and ensure you don't blow yourself up by accident. But whatever monsters await you in the dark the trio of Dwarves under your control have the abilities to handle them, its just up to you to find the optimal way of doing so without getting chewed on in the process.

We are the Dwarves features tactical gameplay

Fully zoomed out & paused - the best way of ensuring you don't end up as kibble

We are the Dwarves is fully releasing on Steam this February 26th at a $14,99 price tag (along with a 10% launch discount) and if you're a fan of challenging strategy games with plenty of depth to them then I'd suggest you keep an eye on this one.

If you're interested in more details and actual gameplay my review & critique will be up on the 25th. Until then I will leave you with this image showcasing some truly inspirational beardsmanship.

We are the Dwarves has some nice looking graphics