Sanctus Reach: Horrors of the Warp screenshot of some Khorne themed Daemons

After releasing the fairly well received Sons of Cadia expansion back in November of 2017, Straylight Entertainment have now announced that Sanctus Reach is getting a brand new one - Horrors of the Warp. As you can imagine from the name alone, the Horrors of the Warp expansion will add Chaos Daemons as a brand new faction with a whole bunch of new units, many of which will be devoted to one of the four major Chaos gods.

While the full roster has not yet been revealed, I can tell you that Horrors of the Warp will bring with it 17 new units to toy around with. You can expect to see hordes of Bloodletters, twisted Chaos Spawn, mindless Plague Drones, and a variety of other equally lovely Chaos creations. There will also be a couple of new Chaos champions with unique and powerful abilities, champions such as the mighty Lord of Skulls - a super-heavy Demon Engine dedicated to Khorne.

As far as the singleplayer campaign is concerned, you will be following the Space Wolves through 16 new missions as they attempt to stem the demonic tide that's sweeping over Alaric Prime. And as a little bonus, there will also be an Ork mission that "sets the scene before the Space Wolves campaign launches". What exactly the story will be about, I'm afraid the announcement didn't specficy, but given the presence of Space Wolves and Chaos Daemons I think it's safe to say it'll involve a whole lot of shooting and stabbing.

You can learn a little bit more about Sanctus Reach: Horrors of the Warp, as well as follow its development moving forward, by heading over to Steam.

Sanctus Reach: Horrors of the Warp screenshot of some Tzeentch themed Deamons